Woof Models was born from my love of my little girl VV. My 10-year-old Corgi. Whilst I was working overseas at Wieden + Kennedy advertising agency, many of my colleagues brought their dogs to work with them. Which made me really miss her. To me she’s more than just a pet, she’s a member of the family. And that got me thinking. If she is a member of the family then she should have her own portrait. But knowing how much of a diva she is I thought if she’s going to pose for a portrait then she’d want to look her best. And as she loves going to the beach I could imagine her walking along the shore with a summer top and a silk headscarf looking fabulous. Looking like a Woof Model.

As my work is all about dogs being a part of a family, the thought of dogs without a home, without a family to call their own, breaks my heart. Dogs are the most forgiving pet you can have; they'll love you unconditionally. They don't care what you do, what you look like, they just want to be loved. And that's why with all of my prints sales, 10% of the proceeds will go to a nonprofit animal rescue charity. Every dog should have a home, and every dog deserves to be a Woof Model.  

For any enquiry around design work, commissions or questions, please get in touch at hello@woofmodels.com 


Sum xo