Woof Models was born from my love of my little Corgi girl VV. Whilst I was working overseas as an art director at an advertising agency, many of my colleagues brought their dogs to work with them. Which made me really miss her. To me she’s more than just a pet, she’s a member of the family. And that got me thinking. If she is a member of the family then she should have her own portrait. But knowing how much of a diva she is I thought if she’s going to pose for a portrait then she’d want to look her best. And as she loves going to the beach I could imagine her walking along the shore with a summer top and a silk headscarf looking fabulous. Looking like a Woof Model.

As my work is all about dogs being a part of a family, the thought of dogs without a home, without a family to call their own, breaks my heart. Dogs are the most forgiving pet you can have; they'll love you unconditionally. They don't care what you do, what you look like, they just want to be loved. And that's why with all of my prints sales, 10% of the proceeds will go to a nonprofit animal rescue charity. Every dog should have a home, and every dog deserves to be a Woof Model.  

I have created bespoke Woof Models for J.Crew, dressed them in J.Crew outfits for their window display, designed a dog training guide for San Francisco SPCA, styled Woof Models for Dogs of Instagram in designer dog clothing brand Lucy & Co for their online campaign, created limited edition gift packets with Studio WMW. Some of my work has been featured in: Dog Milk, Four & Sons, Modern Dog Magazine, Idn, Taxi, dogster, Bark Post, The Stately Hound, Style Tails, Pretty Fluffy, Bored Panda.

My studio is based in East London, UK. For any enquiry around design work, commissions or questions, please get in touch at hello@woofmodels.com 


Sum xo